a multichannel interactive streaming solution

Contributing to Palantir

You can support the Palantir project in several ways:

  • Use Palantir! That's the most basic way of helping, but still a very effective one. Install it on your computer, run it, and let us know how it works with your hardware, as well as your thoughts and suggestions. The mailing list is the favorite place for providing such feedback.

  • Donate bandwidth. We are always looking for new demo locations. If you have a running Palantir installation and would like to be linked to the demo page, please contact us.

  • Donate time. If you have good programming skills, you can directly participate in the development of the server or clients. Patches are always welcome, but what we currently need most are a developer/maintainer for the Java client and a GTK+ master for a soon-to-be-born native Linux client.

  • Donate materials. You are welcome to donate interesting pieces of hardware that could be used with Palantir. Keep in mind, however, that we do not guarantee that the device you donated will be supported in the next release of Palantir, although we will certainly do our best.
    We are especially interested in pan/tilt/zoom hardware, sensors and actuators of any kind.

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