a multichannel interactive streaming solution


  • The development of Palantir up to version 2.2 was supported by Gai-Tronics s.r.l., the Italian subsdiary of worldwide communications systems provider Gai-Tronics.

    As a specialized hardware supplier and manufacturer, Gai-Tronics offers a broad range of devices which will make the most of Palantir's features while matching your budget requirements - from low-end, general-purpose, black-and-white CCDs to high-sensitivity rugged cameras explicitly designed for hazardous areas, to environmental sensors, up to complete, customized turnkey solutions.

    Kudos to Gai-Tronics also for accepting the disclosure of the source code of the Palantir system.

  • The Amateur Radio Station at the Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum offered to maintain a demo installation at the computer museum. Many thanks to Jan M. Knaup and Arno Schlenger.

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